Karlsgatan Kafé and shop

Karlsgatan Kafé
Karlsgatan Kafé offers hot and cold dishes and beverages, cakes and snacks at good prices. The café is located in the former factory hall, by the entrance at Karlsgatan 2.

Opening hours
Monday-Friday 10am – 4pm
Saturday-Sunday 12am – 4pm

Tel. +46 (0)73 787 20 93
We accept credit cards

Karlsgatan Shop
Karlsgatan Shop offers books and design products, often in relation to the current exhibitions or program at Västerås konstmuseum and Västmanlands läns museum. The shop is located by the Information desk at Karlsgatan 2.

Opening hours
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10 am – 5pm
Wednesday 10 am – 8 pm
Saturday -Sunday 12 – 4 pm

Tel. +46 (0)21 39 32 22