23 mar 2016 - 17 sep 2017

Dream Worlds - Magical Fantasies from the collection

An exhibition of artworks and objects where imagination and playfulness gets a lot of space. Symbolic images and surreal compositions mixed with photo-realistic depictions of the world around us. Mette Björnberg, Berta Hansson, Birger Halling and Endre Nemes are some of the artists shown in the exhibition.

25 feb - 7 maj 2017

Aida Chehrehgosha - This is your fault

Aida Chehrehgosha works with photography and film. She has had several exhibitions with considerable attention in recent years. She was born in Iran, raised in Västeras. The starting point of her work is self-perceived. Based on her dreams and nightmares she portrays her physical environments, obsessions and fantasies often in large photographs.

4 mar - 7 maj 2017

Travel in time and space – Inputs to Berit Pettersson's paintings

Berit Pettersson was born in Surahammar in 1950 and worked as an artist in Västerås until she passed away in 2014. Her multifaceted oeuvre is relatively unknown to a wider audience. One of her major interests was quantum physics. The exhibition gives an insight into her thoughts and imagery where we follow her work process through written notes and sketches to finished paintings.

1 jun - 27 aug 2017

Free Play

When we play, we test our limits and develop our understanding of others and our environment. The exhibition Free Play tells a Swedish history of play with an underlying socio-changing agenda. The exhibition displays contemporary art in relation to a historical archive, including material from The Model. A Model for a Qualitative Society (1968) and The Balloon at Råby (1969). Children's play today is viewed in an international context, in works by Johanna Billing, Gabo Camnitzer, Adelita Husni-Bey, Mats Eriksson Dunér, Priscila Fernandes, Jacob Kirkegaard and Alicja Rogalska.