2 feb 2019 - 5 jan 2020

19–19 – An art history from 1919 till 2019

The collection at Västerås Art Museum turns 100 years old in 2019. In the exhibition 19 – 19 we celebrate this 100th anniversary by displaying a selection of art from our collection created between the years 1919 and 2019. We also have an ambition to provide a contextual understanding of the society in which the artworks were created. In 19 – 19 four historical perspectives are put forward: the international, the national, the feminist and the local perspective. Västerås Art Society was formed on September 29th, 1919. In 1974 the society donated its art collection, which contained around 1,000 art works, to the municipality of Västerås. Today, the collection is administrated by Västerås Art Museum.

23 nov 2019 - 1 mar 2020

Petra Hultman – Housework

Housework is a video montage and installation of looping film sequences from “Husmorsfilm AB (Housewifes film ltd)” 1956-1961. Housework portrays the history of women’s unpaid work in the home. A story that’s been subordinate and seldom told in the art world.