Conceptions of nature

My Lindh, Nordic Panoramas, Landscape No.3 (2019)

25 jan - 31 jan 2021

The exhibition Conceptions of Nature follows the Western world’s view of nature through art – from the dream of the ideal landscape to the current concern for the decay of nature. The exhibition shows art from the beginning of the 19th century to the present. The exhibition is thematically divided into two tracks. On the one hand, older landscape painting from 1800 – 1900 is presented, where most of the works are included in the Västerås Art Museum’s collection. Here are works by Carl Johan Fahlcrantz, Marcus Larsson, Arvid Mauritz Lindström, Helmer Osslund, and Bruno Liljefors. In dialogue with classical painting, contemporary artists are presented who work with different approaches to nature and the conception of nature. Contributing artists are artists Björn Larsson, IC-98, My Lindh, Patrik Karlström, Ingela Ihrman, Richard Johansson, Rebecca Farrensteiner, Jennifer Espling, Johanna Karlsson, Elina Brotherus, Uglycute, Anna-Karin Brus, Tommy Hilding, and Stefan Klys. New works have been created specifically for the exhibition by Sara-Vide Ericson and Nayab Ikram.