Pierre Forssell - Designer and silversmith

25 nov - 4 feb 2018

The beauty and aesthetic design of Pierre Forssell’s objects arouses our desire to own them. For more than 30 years, he worked at Skultuna Messingsbruk. His typically modernist design contributed to regenerating the company’s image. Forssell’s participation in the Helsingborg Exhibition in 1955 was widely recognised.

Pierre Forssell constantly reconsidered his ideas. He was never afraid of standing out from other designers, and tried out new shapes and techniques in his practice. Forsell designed the cutlery series Piruett for Gense. His Pendeln sconce for Skultuna Messingsbruk has become a design classic. These objects are now being produced again.

Hired by Skultuna Messingsbruk in 1955 to design pots and pans, Forssell soon developed a love for brass and started designing objects in this beautiful metal. He worked at the company until 1986. Forssell also designed objects for churches. One of these is Livscykeln (Cycle of Life), which he created in 1983 for the chapel Korsets kapell in Hovdestalund.