Eva Koch - That Dream of Peace

Eva Koch, stillbild från Den drøm om fred, 2016

17 feb - 13 maj 2018

Eva Koch on the exhibition title:

That Dream of Peace – refers to a specific dream of peace, compelling us to ask ourselves what that dream is, or has been, and what has happened to it. The more people who ask this question, the stronger the resistance against decisions promoting war will be.”

In the exhibition’s central video installation, That Dream of Peace, Eva Koch provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the significance of the question. What is your dream of peace?

That Dream of Peace conveys the power to endure, in a time and a world that is fighting against war and the powers of darkness. In film sequences oscillating between billowing fields of red poppies and boisterously playing children, there is, nevertheless, hope for a better world.

Eva Koch is one of the Nordic countries’ most prominent video artists. She trained as a sculptor which is evident in her way of working with light, sound and video installations. The works are installed in relation to the particular conditions of the site or space, making the installations unique to their environment. Eva Koch was educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, 1992, and the Universitat de Barcelona/Faculty of Fine Arts, 1989.

A recurring theme in her work is the memory and experience of an anonymous person, viewed from a perspective shared by many of us. The exhibition also includes the video works On a Line, Evergreen and My Tree.

The exhibition has been produced with support from the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces of the Danish Ministry of Culture and the Embassy of Denmark in Sweden.